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About Brock R. Wood, Attorney-at-law

Where I Work

I represent clients in all state courts in the State of Colorado. I focus on practicing in courts in the Metro Denver area, including Boulder, Adams, Arapahoe, Jefferson, and Douglas counties.

My State Licenses
  • Licensed in Colorado since 2004
  • Licensed in Virginia since 1989
My Family Law Experience

I have practiced family law (divorce, child custody, and child support law) exclusively since 2010. I am a legal representative who brings "big firm" experience to your case, with "small firm" affordability, personal contact, and focus on the individual client's needs.

My Approach: Zealous Representation with a Human Heart

I aggressively and zealously protect the rights of my clients. If you want a lawyer who grandstands and shouts and name-calls the other side, I am not the right choice for you. Sadly, that kind of conduct is on the rise among lawyers. But I can tell you this: It does not help your case in the eyes of a judge. Judges do not like pompous, bombastic, foot-stamping, name-calling lawyers. Do you want to be represented by a lawyer who rubs the judge the wrong way? No. Judges like smart lawyers who use the evidence and the law to get the best possible outcome for the client. Judges respect intelligent, effective, loyal, zealous attorneys and the work those attorneys do for their clients. In my opinion, that is the kind of attorney you want helping you.

I don't treat your case like a "line item" on my firm's balance sheet. This is family law. It is unlike any other kind of law. It involves human emotions, families that have to be divided in half, and children who need to have loving parents in their lives. I treat you like a person, not like a revenue device. I care about the things that are important to my clients. My clients want a fresh start in their lives. My clients want their children to have the best possible situation even though a relationship or marriage may be ending. I understand that. I pour my heart and soul into doing the legal work that will accomplish my client's goals. Family law is about people. And helping people is what I care about most.

Go to Court or Settle?

I enjoy being a litigator (courtroom lawyer) and I am good at it. I enjoy taking a well-prepared case to court and persuading the judge that my client's plan or request is the better choice and should be adopted as the order of the court. On the other hand, sometimes a fair settlement agreement is in a client's best interest legally, financially, emotionally, and psychologically. If that point is reached, I advise my client to "cut to the chase" and accept the settlement agreement.

In my view, settlement is about risk avoidance. Whenever a judge makes a decision for you, you run the risk that the judge's decision will be unfavorable to you and not give you what you want. When you settle a case, you get exactly what you bargained for, as long as your attorney is experienced at drafting well-written settlement agreements. Your attorney should be able to assess your "worst day in court" and then advise you about why you should or should not accept the settlement.

Another advantage of a fair settlement is that you can achieve a creative, customized solution that perfectly fits your situation. A judge will be unlikely to give you such a solution unless both parties agree to it. Certain useful tools in the law, such as Parenting Coordinator/Decision-Makers and Parenting Coordinator/Arbitrators can be agreed upon by the parties but cannot be ordered by the judge unless both parties agree.

Strong Advocacy

I am a strong advocate for my clients and tailor my approach to the needs of each client and case. Every client's case is different, so it's my job to listen to the needs of my clients and help them navigate through what can be a very difficult time in their lives.

My Values

My values are simple: I give each client the best legal service he or she can get within his or her budget.

Family law is a unique and challenging area of the law. Many attorneys avoid family law because they do not want the "drama" or "frustration" that often accompanies a serious family law case. I do not feel that way. I chose family law because it is a serious picture of a compass business and because it is a very human kind of law. Family law, in my opinion, is the most important kind of law an attorney can practice - it directly affects a person's life, not just their pocketbook. I want to help people and being a good family law attorney is one of the best ways to do that.

I treat each client as human being who is going through one of the toughest periods in their life. It is my job to use my skill and experience to make the process easier to go through and to achieve what the client needs in order to move on with their life. You may be surprised when I "go the extra mile" to help you as most lawyers don't have a reputation for doing that. This includes simple things such as meeting you after hours to accommodate your work schedule, loaning a spare laptop full of games to your child so he or she won't be bored in the next room while we meet, and helping you with directions to the courthouse so you aren't late. I love what I do. I truly care about my clients and it shows.